How to buy

There are several ways to buy a domain from DomainVendor.

The first way is the most straightforward.

  1. Contact me at
  2. Agree a price
  3. An invoice is created
  4. Payment made
  5. Domain is transferred


The second way is to buy the domain via an escrow service. The preferred escrow service is

The benefits of using an escrow service –

  • Anonymity – The buyer’s name is not disclosed after the price has been agreed
  • Secure payment – The buyer’s funds are held in a client account until the buyer confirms the domain has been transferred
  • Technical expertise – Sedo are the premier domain marketplace. When buying a domain, a transfer specialist is assigned and can help and advice during the transfer process.

As with everything there are cons to go with those pros –

  • Timescales – Sedo can take time to respond, especially as they operate to Central European office hours. It can take longer to process a the sale and transfer of a domain name.
  • Cost – Sedo’s service is not free. The cost of using this service are added to the DomainVendor standard price. Sedo’s fees are normally between 15% and 20%, with a minimum of £35.

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